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Webinar on “IPR and Startups: Legal Considerations for Entrepreneurs and Innovators” by CIILE & Startup Cell, CNLU [July 26]

Webinar on IPR and Startups Legal Considerations for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Last Updated on September 11, 2023 by Administrator

The Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Legal Entrepreneurship (CIILE) and Startup Cell of CNLU, is organising a webinar on “IPR and Startups: Legal Considerations for Entrepreneurs and Innovators” on 26th July 2023 in online mode.

About the University

Chanakya National Law University (CNLU) is a prestigious law university located in Patna, Bihar, India. It was established in 2006 and is named after the ancient Indian scholar and political strategist Chanakya. CNLU offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in law.

CNLU is recognised by the Bar Council of India (BCI) and is affiliated with the University Grants Commission (UGC). The university has a highly qualified faculty and provides a comprehensive legal education to its students. It also organises various seminars, workshops, and conferences to promote legal research and awareness.


Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Legal Entrepreneurship (CIILE) is a Not-for-Profit Centre at the Chanakya National Law University, Patna. CIILE (CNLU, Patna) encourages startups in the areas of Legal and Social Entrepreneurship within the institute and society. The goal of CIIE is to promote start-ups and entrepreneurship as viable career options and as a means to make a social and strategic impact.

Concept Note

Background and Rationale:

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) hold immense significance for student entrepreneurs and innovators. Understanding IPR is essential to protect their creative ideas, inventions, and innovations while also laying a strong foundation for future success. This webinar aims to provide aspiring student entrepreneurs with a comprehensive understanding of IPR and its legal considerations to navigate the startup landscape effectively.


The webinar aims to:

  • Empower student entrepreneurs and innovators with a clear understanding of IPR and its relevance to startups.
  • Showcase successful case studies of startups that leveraged IPR for market competitiveness and growth.
  • Address common challenges faced by Startups in IPR management and offer practical strategies to overcome them.
  • Foster a supportive community for student innovators to network and share knowledge.

Target Audience:

The webinar is specially designed for students, young entrepreneurs, innovators, and business students who are eager to explore the world of startups and understand how IPR can bolster their ideas and creations.

Key Topics:

The webinar will cover the following key topics:

  • Introduction to the Topic: Unravel the world of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and its role in fuelling startup success.
  • Why Do You Need to Understand IPR?: Exploring the challenges, advantages, and disadvantages of IPR for startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Case Study: IPR in Startup Success: Discover how strategic IPR management drives real-life startup achievements.
  • Conclusion: Empowering Your Startup Journey: Embrace the potential of IPR as a game-changer for your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Expert Speakers:

  1. Prof. Dr. S. C. Roy, Professor of Law, DPIIT IPR Chair – Professor, CNLU
  2. Mr. Mayank Shekhar [Founder and Director, Legal Bites]
  3. Dr. Md. Safiullah, Assistant Professor of Management, CNLU

Webinar Format & Duration:

The webinar will be conducted online on 26th July 2023 from 03:30 PM and will last approximately 90 minutes. It will include interactive presentations, panel discussions, and a Q&A session to encourage active participation from the student audience.

Registration Link:

Registration is free. Registration can be done through this link. A joining link will be sent to the registered candidates upon registration on the date of the webinar.


An e-certificate of Participation will be provided to all the participants of the webinar.


The IPR and Startups: Legal Considerations for Student Entrepreneurs and Innovators webinar aims to empower student participants with the knowledge and confidence to successfully protect their innovative ideas and navigate the startup world. By fostering a student-oriented environment for learning and sharing, we aspire to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs to embrace their creativity and positively impact the world through their startups.

Contact Details:

  • Dr. Md. Safiullah, Assistant Professor of Management, Convener-CIILE & In-charge Startup Cell, CNLU, Email:
  • Ayush Kumar, 5th Year student, Email:, Mob: +91-7480830235

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