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About Us

Socio Legal Corp is a legal awareness startup.

Who we are?

Socio Legal Corp is on a mission to protect and enforce the rights of the public. We believe too many people have too little knowledge and access to legal rights and hence, are unable to prevent their rights from being violated. We serve as a medium for the public to be aware of the legal and policy decisions of the judiciary and legislature and aware of the impact they will have on their day-to-day life. We are committed to ensuring legal literacy is part of every human being which can be used as a tool to protect their basic legal and human rights.


Socio Legal Corp intends to create a world where everyone has legal literacy and easy access to legal justice impartially irrespective of their sex, gender, caste, race, creed, nationality, socio, and economic conditions.


Socio Legal Corp is tracking the happenings of courts and parliament at the national and state level to make aware people of India about the laws and legislations which impacts their life.   

What do we do?

SLC provides essential reporting and analysis on law, public policy, and socio-legal issues, for the public and for decision makers (judiciary & legislature). We are on a mission to empower and make citizens aware of legal and human rights.

How do we do?

By increasing the accessibility to legal information & knowledge.

  1. Court News – We cover International Legal News, Supreme Court News, High Court, Tribunal Courts, and Other Courts on issues pertaining to Criminal Laws, Constitutional Law, Civil Law, International Law & Corporate Law. 
  2. Policy News – We cover legislation passed in the Indian Parliament, and State Legislatures along with several important legislations passed across the world.
  3. SLC Explainer – Designed simply with the intention to explain to general people in such a way that they can understand the laws which apply to them and use them to enforce them if their rights are being violated.
  4. #AskSLC – To answer basic legal queries at SLC and in digital and print media through collaboration. 
  5. SLC Reads – A repository of legal blogs on every topic pertaining to law or the intersection of law and other fields. 
  6. SLC Commentary – Expert opinions presented by Students, professionals, and Academicians on contemporary legal issues. 
  7. SLC Research – A legal database backed by artificial intelligence containing judgments of Supreme Courts, High Courts, and several International Courts.   
  8. SLC Legal Concepts – Simplifying and making it easily digestible for law school students and the legal fraternity in understanding some of the very complex legal jargon or concepts.
  9. SLC Case Summary – In an effort to reduce the time period of reading a case to almost 100+ pages, here we bring the summaries of the cases in crisp and totality, helping readers understand the core issues and the reasoning behind such judgment.  
  10. SLC Newsletter – An effort to explain policy, laws, and judgments through a comprehensive and comparative analysis. 
  11. SLC Podcast – Bringing the industry’s best legal minds who are doing great in the field of law, policy, and intersectionality to share their story and help the young legal minds understand the future perspective in the field of law from their point of view.
  12. SLC Weekly – A weekly magazine that covers major events related to law, policy, and the current, along with columns written by experts on issues that happened in India and the world.
  13. Law School Buzz – Appreciating the law school students who have won or have a story to share which could be an experience for law school students. 
  14. SLC Intersectionality – Sensitising the people of India on issues of intersectionality.