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What is wrong with PM Modi photo on vaccine certificate if University can have name of Jawaharlal Nehru: Kerala High Court

By Neha Virmani

Kerala High Court bench consisting of Justice P V Kunhikrishnan, on Monday while hearing a petition filed by an activist under RTI, where he claimed that picture of PM affixed on the Covid vaccination certificate is violation of fundamental rights as it goes against the Article 19 freedom of Speech and is further against the right of compelled listening which according to the petitioner also included under Article 19 of the constitution.

While presenting the contentions, the representing advocate stated that his client, had a paid covid 19 vaccination from a private hospital and thereafter receiving a certificate with PM’s Picture is gross violation of Fundamental Right as he is being one of the captive audience for such necessary drive.

Court Room Conversation:

However, the single judge bench upon hearing the contentions presented by petitioner and noting that he (the petitioner) himself working at “Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Leadership” orally asked “what is the problem if Current PM affixed his Picture on the Vaccination Certificate?, you work in an institution which is named after one of the PM of India.”

To this the petitioner stated that there is no other country around, which has affixed their PM Photograph on the certificate.

To this contention, the bench further orally observed that, “others may not be proud of their PM, we are as he is PM by the mandate of the people of the country”, “we may have different political opinion but he is our fairly elected PM.”

Further, the petitioner while proving his argument stated the Supreme Court decided case of (common cause v. UOI), where the apex Court laid down the guidelines with regards to the “use of public money for campaigns, for launch of initiative or celebration of achievement” and such judgment also included PM as well.       

Thereafter, the court rose for lunch and the case shifted towards the end of forenoon session.

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