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Written by – Debabala

Reality shows have been the new age in the world of television. The fictional shows were being telecasted long back when television was being opted in the society. However the idea where the show was not written and is not fictional gained more popularity. The concept of unpredicted direct shows without any script was termed as reality shows. And it eventually gained more popularity when the life of person was directly seen. The thin line of fictional and non fictional makes it more interesting, demanding to watch. Shows like competitions in singing, dancing, talent search shows, shows where there are hidden cameras and life is being monitored etc are regarded as reality shows. Shows like talk shows, news, sports are not been categorised as reality shows.

Looking into the scenario on how the reality shows have been impacted on the society and the younger generation especially, we notice that some of the virtual experiences are shown. How the competition among the individuals has been in a greater rate and people with different talents are being appreciated. This is a change that this generation has seen and moreover also enjoyed. The biggest criticism of reality shows is that even these shows are being regulated, modified, people are being taught on how to act on screen and moreover some portion are being edited, cut and then telecasted in the said time. It is not being live telecasted so it is not completely unscripted. On the other aspect some shows where there is competition, when people do not reach the desired level get demotivated and humiliated as being rejected on a larger platform and in front of huge population. The intelligence is being mocked in a public platform.

The race of TRP for the world of television either regarding fictional or non fictional shows has been of great importance for everyone associated with that show.  Target rating point (TRP) is a type of calculation or metric to know about targeted audience and the demand of that particular show or advertisement. For this we have an Indian agency named “Broadcast Audience Research Council” using BAR-O meter which releases the weekly TRP for all the channels and shows. It is noticed that with the TRP, it becomes little advantageous for the advertisers on seeing about the popularity of shows, they are able to decide on which channel and in between which show there advertisement would flash that would be beneficial for the profit and a whole number of population can know about the same. With the help of TRP, we are able to get to know about the likings and disliking of the content shown to the public. Whether people viewing it are enjoying or otherwise the content needs to be changed or brought modifications are later than discussed.

If we talk about the expenses i.e. spent for the creation of reality show, we notice that around Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 1 Crore is spent per episode. Taking into consideration the high star cast and their payment. So, if the show doesn’t become successful then it again becomes a huge loss for the makers. Taking up into something new is always challenging. No doubt it has gained popularity in business which is something different. Change is the law of life and we cannot deny that there has been change adopted which might be advantageous and sometimes might be disadvantageous for the society. The generation of reality shows has definitely brought some changes in the minds and life too. Shows like “Kaun Banega Crorepati” have brought changes with knowledge. Shows like “Khatron ke Khiladi”, “Roadies”, “Big Boss” have been popular among youngsters for a different level of entertainment being given by them which is accepted by the younger generation.


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