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“Objectification of women has to stop,” remarks Bombay High Court on Sakshi Malik case

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Sakshi Malik,an Indian model and Bollywood actor filed a suit against the producers of the telugu movie named ‘V’ in pertinence to the use of her private photo in a defamatory manner without license.

The contention arose with the use of her photo in reference to commercial sex worker in one of the scenes of the movie. The most problematic part was that the photo was not even taken by consent but lifted from Sakshi Malik’s Instagram account.

On these lines, the case, ‘Sakshi Malik v. Venkateshwara Creations Pvt. Ltd’ was heard in the Bombay High Court by Justice GS Patel. The producers of the film, Venkateswara Creations Pvt. Ltd. were chided by the judge and ordered to take the photos down permanently.

” Does your producer have women in his family? Why didn’t he use their images in the film? It is because he knew the context in which they were going to be used. So he thought he could use anybody’s image,” the Court remarked.

While Amazon Prime Video, the main streamer of the content has been asked to pull the entire movie off from its platform. The court has highlighted the gravity of the issue by bringing in the factor of  copyright infringement as well. Justice Patel also expressed his disappointment in invasion of privacy of Ms. Malik.

The advocates of Malik seek a large amount, one which is around the profit of the movie (33 crore) to be submitted in the Court,  in order to send a message against objectification of women.

The court will hear the matter again on 25th March 2021.


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