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NUJS to introduce Harry Potter themed competitive house system to better student politics

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The National University of Juridical Science, Kolkata (NUJS) has voted upon a new British-style house system to enhance student politics while at the same time curbing hostility among each other.

The student juridical association (SJA) will be replaced with a system of four representatives Instead of voting for one SJA, students would be allocated into one of four houses, these are named after famous US judges: Ginsburg House (inspired by Gryffindor), Holmes House (inspired by Hufflepuff), Rehnquist House (inspired by Ravenclaw) and Scalia House (inspired by Slytherin).

The allocation to each house would happen via an interview by faculty, plus a personality test based on a test devised by Cambridge University. The interview would also test qualities identified with each of the four judges and each NUJS house: courage (Ginsburg), intellect (Rehnquist), industriousness (Holmes) and cunning (Scalia).

Each professor would get to choose a House and become House Masters, who would choose a student as House Captain.

Those four House Captains would de facto act as representatives for the entire student body and bring grievances to the notice of the administration, in effect replacing the SJA.

Houses would also win points for academic performance, moots, social service and sports, with the winning house getting funding for scholarships and moots for their own house students.

Legally India has reported that this new system is intended to “promote bonding and healthy competition” from a student of the NUJS.


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