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South Asian Nations should include women in dispute settlement and promote Technological Advancement Globally.

D Y Chandrachud

Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by News Desk

Chief Justice DY Chandrachud drew attention to the gender gap in international arbitration tribunals and institutions at the UNCITRAL South Asia Conference in 2023. Less than 10% of Indian arbitrators are women, which he described as a “diversity paradox” despite acknowledging the good progress achieved in constructing geographically diverse panels.

He pointed to the 2022 study on unconscious prejudice by the ICC as a major cause. Chandrachud emphasised the need to include women in dispute settlement and urged increased collaboration amongst South Asian nations in the development of their legal frameworks and commercial practises. He emphasised the possibilities for global advancement in the digital era as well as the cultural and economic parallels between these countries.

At the UNCITRAL South Asia Conference, Justice Chandrachud spoke about the National Judicial Data Grid, real-time information technologies, and India’s potential as a centre for arbitration. The Supreme Court and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, are working together to bring artificial intelligence (AI) into the Court’s operations, which he also noted. Chandrachud also emphasised the rising popularity of live-streamed court proceedings on YouTube by drawing comparisons between them and Netflix movies. In the fast changing digital judicial scene, he emphasised the necessity for collaboration among South Asian countries and India’s potential as an arbitration location.

Written by: Srijan Raj @raaj_srijan

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