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Accused Actor Vijay Babu’s anticipatory bail challenged in Supreme Court by Rape Survivor

Written by Vidisha Mathur

Rape Survivor moves to the Apex Court to challenge the anticipatory bail granted to the Malayalam Cine actor – Mr. Vijay Babu, by the Kerala High court.

The actor was booked for the rape accusation on April 22, 2022, after which he ran out of the country, via Bangalore to Dubai – to avoid arrest. On April 27, he held a Facebook live from Dubai, in which he claimed his innocence and disclosed the name of the rape survivor who accused him; which is an offense, and hence, he booked again on the same day.

Kerala High Court granted anticipatory bail to Babu on June 22, 2022, regarding these two cases – on the ground that such an anticipatory bail may induce him to come forth as a part of the case and investigation.

The actress, who accused Babu of rape, has pleaded before the Supreme Court against this anticipatory bail, questioning whether an accused person who has fled the country can be granted anticipatory bail for such a reason.

Her plea also contends that such a precedent would allow the custodial interrogations of all prominent and influential people that may be accused of serious offences, to be expendable.  The accused may tamper with evidence and possibly induce carnal relations with other women in distress, as asserted by the prosecution.

The plea claims that a fair investigation of the matter is not possible until this bail is kept aside. The actress also professes that Babu used his sway in the media industry to try to coerce her to not pursue the case any further.

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