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Written by – Anshal The verdict given by the Indian Supreme Court on the long standing issue of the holy land in Ayodhya came as a relief to many people in the country. Many feared the worst for the safety and order of the country before the judgment was to be given because of the stakes at hand. The land […]

The ethics of Prostitution – should it be legalised?

The immoral traffic prevention act 1956, criminalises running a brothel, luring, and soliciting a person into prostitution and sexual exploitation but does not literally criminalise prostitution or prostitutes. Section 2(f) of The Immoral Trafficking Act (1956) defines prostitution as sexual exploitation of people for any business or monetary purpose. This means prostitution is very much legal in India if its voluntary and is between consenting adults, though Section 7 of the Immoral Trafficking Act penalizes prostitution if carried out in a public place. Prostitutes can also be punished for seducing or soliciting a person according to Section 8 of the Act.<

Position of LGBTQ+ community in Indian Army

After the NALSA judgment[1] of 2014, attempts were made to re-integrate the marginalized trans community in India. Navtej Singh Johar v Union of India[2] in 2018 decriminalized Section 377 of IPC which penalized “unnatural sex”, thereby legally allowing LGBTQIA+ community’s adults to engage in consensual coitus. However in June 2019 when the then Chief of Army Staff, General Bipin Rawat was asked about the impact of the judgement in the Indian Army, he said: “The Army is conservative. We are a family. We are not westernized. As for the lgbt issues, they are simply not acceptable in the army”. Though General Rawat did not entirely dismiss the possibility of the LGBT community joining the Indian Army in the near future.

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