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High Court of Allahabad Questions POCSO Act Abuse in Adolescent Relationships

Last Updated on July 6, 2024 by News Desk

Why did the Allahabad High Court find fault with the POCSO Act’s implementation in this particular case?

– The court expressed worries about the abuse of POCSO against teens in consenting relationships when it granted bail to Satish Alias Chand, who is accused of luring away a young girl.

Throughout the hearings, what did Justice Krishan Pahal emphasize?

– Justice Pahal emphasized that it is important to use a sophisticated approach when separating out instances of juvenile consensual relationships from those that involve exploitation.

Which justifications were put out for Satish Alias Chand?

– Chand’s attorney contended, based on an ossification test report attesting to the girl’s age, that she was eighteen and had given her agreement to the connection.

What conditions existed between Chand and the victim?

– The couple married at a temple after eloping because of resistance from their parents, but their union was not formally recorded. The female had a four-month-old daughter when they eloped, and she was six months pregnant at the time.

Prompt query for readers: – In what ways may the rights of adolescents in voluntary partnerships be preserved while still guaranteeing the protection of minors under POCSO?

Readers should consider this important question: What steps should be made to ensure that legislation such as POCSO are used appropriately and don’t have unintended consequences?

The ongoing discussions about striking a balance between addressing consensual relationships among teens and safeguarding children from exploitation are reflected in the Allahabad High Court’s examination of the POCSO Act’s implementation. The Satish Alias Chand case highlights the intricacies and ramifications of such court rulings as legal and societal attitudes change.

Written By: Nikita Shankar @nikitaashankar

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