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Joe Biden Signs Executive Order To Declassify 9/11 Investigation Documents

Written By – Arshita Anand, Content Writer Joe Biden, the US President signed an executive order on Friday calling for the declassification of some documents related to investigations carried out by the FBI on the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US. This order was accompanied by his statement that he made a campaign promise to ensure transparency regarding the attacks. […]

Canceling license on the ground of selling buffalo meat without notice and hearing is violative of Natural Justice: Allahabad HC

Written By – Rajnish, Content Writer Canceling license on the ground of selling buffalo meat without notice and hearing is violative of Natural Justice: Allahabad HC A two-judge bench of Allahabad comprising of Justice Deepak Verma, and Justice Manoj Kumar Gupta quashed an impugned order in which the license was canceled on the ground that the petitioner was selling buffalo […]

The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019: An Analysis

Written By – Shivam With digital technology impacting the lives of Indians, including transfer and exchange of data, the threat to breach of privacy and personal data rises without any coherent regulatory framework [1]. Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill, in order to control, has been formulated as India’s first step to domestically legislate on data protection. The objective of the […]

Analysis: Constitution 127th Amendment Bill, 2021

Written By Komal Sharma Both the Houses of Parliament have respectively passed the Constitutional 127th Amendment Bill with the utmost majority to nullify the Supreme Court Judgement on the Maratha Quota Case and to clarify the uncertainties regarding the 102nd Amendment Bill. The 127th Constitutional Amendment Bill seeks to amend the Constitution to allow States and Union Territories to prepare […]

ANALYSIS: The Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Bill 2021

Written By – Komal Sharma, Policy Associate The Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Bill 2021 seeks to amend The Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 which was enacted to introduce and to give legal sanction to Limited Liability Partnership Firms. A basic understanding of LLP suggests that it is a hybrid form of business organization consisting features of both of a company […]


Written by – Tanvi Mishra In India, we have seen a lot of rage amongst the citizens in rape cases like the Nirbhaya case in Delhi, Dr. Priyanka Reddy’s rape case in Hyderabad and the list goes on and on. We all will agree that the rage here is justified. But, we are also aware of the fact that atleast […]

The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021

Written By – Komal Sharma, Policy Associate The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021 which was recently introduced in the parliament seeks to nullify the effect of the amendment brought by Finance Act 2012. The recent amendment (2021) is a step against the retrospective effect on the indirect transfer of the Indian assets which was a result of the 2012 amendment […]

Negotiation as dispute resolution mechanism in international law with reference to pertinent refugee crisis

Written By – Dr. Kajori Bhatnagar “The most important trip you can take in life is meeting people half way”.  Henry Boyle With is notion we can further highlight the concept of negotiation as method of dispute resolution internationally. 1.1 Concept of negotiation Negotiation describes any communication process between individuals that is intended to reach a compromise or agreement to […]