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Supreme Court takes tough stance on MV Act, pressures state and UTs to submit Compliance reports

The modified Motor Vehicles Act and Central Motor Vehicles Regulations are being implemented, and the Supreme Court has ordered State Governments and Union Territories to deposit money for labour. States and UTs have already come under fire from the Court for failing to submit compliance reports. Sr. Adv. J. R. Midha was chosen Amicus Curiae.

Notwithstanding the claims of their attorneys, the court has ordered the states of Gujarat, Delhi, Haryana, and Lakshadweep to resubmit their compliance reports.

After the diligent effort of Mr. Midha and other Amicus Curiae, the Supreme Court of India has ordered State Governments and Union Territories to deposit Rs. 30,000 each and Rs. 20,000 each in the name of “The Registrar, Supreme Court of India.”

For motor vehicle accident compensation claims, the Apex Court has directed States and High Courts to file compliance reports by August 14. To implement the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act and Rules, the regulations were released in December 2022. Despite warnings, 8 states ask for extra time to produce compliance reports, while 10 states continue to be unrepresented.

Case Title: Gohar Mohammed vs. Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation Ltd.

Written by: Srijan Raj@raaj_srijan

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