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Suit Filed Against Zomato Over Misleading ‘Legends’ Campaign Claims

Last Updated on February 12, 2024 by News Desk

A Gurgaon resident has filed a class action suit against Zomato for misleading and false claims about its “Legends” campaign, which claims to deliver hot food from iconic restaurants in other cities.

The plaintiff, Sourav Mall, alleges that the campaign is misleading and false, as it claims that the food will be freshly prepared by the restaurant.

The plaintiff’s complaint states that the food was delivered cold despite the ‘delivered hot’ claim, and even the delivery partner confirmed that the order was picked up and delivered from a warehouse in Gurgaon.

The plaintiff seeks directions to Zomato not to use the expression ‘delivered hot’ and instead use ‘reheated and delivered hot’, as the former has a different connotation.

The plaintiff believes that the objective of a consumer’s contract with Zomato is to deliver food from the locations displayed on the platform and that the food delivered will be authentic, fresh, and hot.

They argue that Zomato should provide all relevant information to consumers regarding delivery within a short period within Delhi-NCR, how the food is being reheated, and why it is not packed in original packaging.

The plaintiff also claims that Zomato has briefly stopped the ability to track orders under Dilli Ke Legends out of apprehension that consumers were catching on. The plaintiff’s attorneys, Tishampati Sen, Anurag Anand, and Biyanka Bhatia, are representing the plaintiff. The case is set for a hearing on March 20.

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