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Delhi High Court Grants Interim Injunction to Protect IPL Broadcasting Rights

Last Updated on March 28, 2024 by News Desk


In a recent legal development, the Delhi High Court issued an interim injunction to safeguard the broadcasting rights of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The case involved Viacom 18 Media (P) Ltd., the plaintiff, and several defendants accused of hosting illegal and pirated content related to IPL matches. The court’s decision reflects the significance of protecting intellectual property rights in the digital age, especially concerning high-profile sporting events like the IPL.


The central issue addressed by the court was the unauthorized dissemination and broadcasting of IPL matches by rogue websites, posing a significant threat to the plaintiff’s revenue streams and copyright protections.


Under the Copyright Act, 1957, broadcast content, including footage and commentary of sporting events, is fully safeguarded against unauthorized use. The law recognizes the substantial financial investment made by rights holders like Viacom 18 Media in acquiring these broadcasting rights.

The court recognized the urgent need to prevent rogue websites from illegally broadcasting copyrighted content, especially with the imminent IPL events. Failure to take swift action could result in substantial financial losses for the plaintiff and irreparable breaches of their broadcast reproduction rights.


In light of the plaintiff’s prima facie case and the potential for significant harm, the court granted an interim injunction. This injunction restrained the defendants from hosting, streaming, or disseminating any part of the IPL events without proper authorization. Additionally, domain name registrars and internet service providers were directed to suspend and block access to the rogue websites. The court’s decision underscores the importance of judicial intervention in protecting intellectual property rights in the digital sphere, particularly in the context of high-value sporting events like the IPL.

Written by — Athi Venkatesh AVD

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