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Sex workers are entitled to all rights available to citizens but cannot claim special treatment for violating the law: Delhi High Court.

Written By- Pretika Tiwari [Sarika v. State of NCT of Delhi & Ors.] The single-judge bench of the Delhi High Court, while refusing to grant interim bail to a sex worker, had observed that even though sex workers are entitled to the same rights as other citizens at the same time, they can be held liable if they violate the […]

The ethics of Prostitution – should it be legalised?

The immoral traffic prevention act 1956, criminalises running a brothel, luring, and soliciting a person into prostitution and sexual exploitation but does not literally criminalise prostitution or prostitutes. Section 2(f) of The Immoral Trafficking Act (1956) defines prostitution as sexual exploitation of people for any business or monetary purpose. This means prostitution is very much legal in India if its voluntary and is between consenting adults, though Section 7 of the Immoral Trafficking Act penalizes prostitution if carried out in a public place. Prostitutes can also be punished for seducing or soliciting a person according to Section 8 of the Act.<

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