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By Arshita

How to attempt mock test papers?

As is the common perception, solving mocks is one of the best ways to prepare for CLAT. However, there are some things to be kept in mind before one starts to actually attempt them, the first and foremost of it being consistency.

Consistency in practice and preparation can help aspirants keep improving their performance even at times they feel demotivated.

Other than that, there are some general approaches to solve mocks-

  1. One should time themselves while attempting mocks. Prepare it like an actual CLAT paper, I.e., the same number and pattern of questions in 120 minutes. It ensures that you are familiar with the time constraints so by the time you give the actual CLAT paper, you would have much better tie management skills.
  2. Since the actual timing of the CLAT papers is usually around 3-5PM, it is advisable to attempt the mocks without AC or cooler as they might not be present at your actual center.
  3. Give 5-6 mocks changing your order of preference for attempting sections. This helps you devise the most comfortable way for you to attempt the paper.
  4. Keep a fixed time for each section and d not exceed them. Do not continue at solving the questions when the set timer has already gone off. Shift to the next preferable section when the time gets over. If you get any time left at the end, you can revisit the questions that were left earlier.
  5. Try to attempt the mocks with full attention. Do not think about anything else for these two hours. At the actual center, there are high chances that you would face a lot of disturbances. Therefore, it is better to practice beforehand how to remain concentrated even in disturbances.
  6. For the first time, try the questions you are sure about while encircling those you want to revisit. While going through the paper for the second time, try to attempt these. You might even take a hit or miss chance at a particular question if you feel strongly for a particular option.
  7. Time yourself while filling the OMR sheets too. Make it as close to the actual paper as you can.
  8. Carry 2 or 3 good HB pencils and other required stationary. Fill the circles properly by outlining it and then filling it. Do not overfill or underfill. Carry a water bottle and other essentials.
  9. Lastly, make a schedule that does not put you in the habit of sleeping 3 to 5 PM. Otherwise, it might hamper your performance on the actual day of the examination. Do not have a heavy lunch either so as to not induce sleepiness.


Make sure you analyze the mock papers too. Usually, students attempt the mock papers but do not review it again to check where they went wrong. Number of mocks attempted would not do any good if you are not doing quality mocks, I.e., actually learning from the mocks. It is therefore essential for CLAT aspirants to analyze their mock papers once attempted.

Practicing high quality mocks are crucial for acing CLAT. One can find these mocks online or even register themselves for the paid ones by several private institutes.

All the best!

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