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Delhi High Court Rejects Parole for Murder Convict Engaged in Criminal Activity Within Jail

The Delhi High Court has ruled that criminal activity within jail premises can be considered a significant departure from the rehabilitative process, potentially impacting an inmate’s parole eligibility.

The court emphasized that parole is granted by the competent authority and is contingent on factors such as the prisoner’s behavior within the jail premises and their readiness for reintegration into society.

The court also noted that criminal acts committed within jail premises go against the purpose of rehabilitation and correcting prisoners.

The court emphasized that jail authorities must examine the inmate’s conduct both within and outside the prison. Correctional institutions are designed to facilitate rehabilitation and ensure deterrence while ensuring public safety. If a convict engages in criminal behavior within the confines of a prison, it must be dealt with appropriately.

Justice Sharma dismissed a plea by a murder convict seeking parole for eight weeks for filing an SLP against his conviction. The court noted that the convict had received a punishment ticket for a fight with a fellow inmate, which resulted in serious injuries.

The court directed the jail superintendent to ensure the convict was provided with necessary legal aid facilities in jail to enable him to prefer an SLP before the Apex Court.

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