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Christ University student alleges invigilator addressed her as ‘baby’, sparks row

Christ University student alleges invigilator addressed her as ‘baby’, sparks row

A student of Christ University, Bengaluru raised her voice against the “baby” remarks by an exam proctor, who was appointed for monitoring her during online examination.

In the viral image on social media, there is the screenshot of chat between her and proctor, in which she initially asks her proctor to end her examination as she already submitted the paper, the proctor replied as “another three minutes baby”. By this behavior she got offended and made a complaint about this to her concerned faculty, the faculty did not took her concern seriously and said it’s just a “caring approach” and there is “nothing wrong” in it.

As other students also complained about misbehavior by the proctor, they also raised this issue and came in solidarity of the student who was referred as “baby”, thus issue came into light and National Student Union of India (NSUI), Karnataka raised this issue and asked the administration to take appropriate action in this matter otherwise they will be forced to take up this issue.

In its statement issued by NSUI, it said that students are already in a lot of stress from lockdown and exam pressure, and have thus asked an action to be taken immediately.

Further on a FAQ published on the university website revealed that the university is using third party online examination platform and the faculties are the proctors of examinations.

During the examination the students have to put on their video and audio and failing in this they may be suspended. The NSUI also raised questions on the mode of examination and has written to UGC.

By – Team SLC, Rajnish

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