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Pakistan court sentences woman to death for blasphemy over WhatsApp messages

Pakistan court sentences woman to death for blasphemy over WhatsApp messages

Written By – Rajnish

How the life of a human being can be curtailed regressively, what is the value of a human life in a so called modern state, what matters the life of a human being in a so called democratic country can be easily asseeseed when you go through the prevailing laws and practice of that state. No any law can be so cruel that is punishing a person who is exercising their free while talking with the felllow human being person to person and putting his or her feelings and understandings about a particular things. And in the same time no any state can be so regressive which is curtailng such human rights on natural right of person.
No matter that state is theocratic, constitutional, democratic or falling under whatever category.

The above statement is said in the light of the judgement given by a Session Court of Rawalpindi that recently booked a woman under Blasphemy Laws and sentenced her to death. The sessions Court convicted her under Sections 295 A (for insulting religious beliefs) , 295 C (For blasphemy), 298 A , Section 11 of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA)- 2016, along with it imposed a fine of total 200,000 Pakistano Rupees and stated that “She be handed by her neck till she is dead” over her Blasphemous What’s app Status contents.

The death sentence is still to be confirmed by the high court of of Lahore but the sessions court without showing any mercy not only convicted the women under different sections of Pakistan Penal Code rather it is also ordered that all the punishment will be run concurrently.

The convicted Muslim woman Aneeqa Ateeq while putting her defense stated that “she was individually messaging on WhatsApp and a person deliberately drew her into a religious discussion so he could collect evidence in revenge after she refused to be more than friendly with him.” During an evidentiary statement, Atteeq stated: “I feel that he intentionally dragged into this topic for revenge, that’s why he got registered. . . a case against me and during [WhatsApp] chat he collected everything that went against me.”

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