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Israel’s Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of Same-Sex couple Surrogacy Rights

Israel’s Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of Same-Sex couple Surrogacy Rights

By- Shrey Garg.

The Supreme Court of Israel in a landmark judgement has ruled that the legal restrictions on same sex couples and single men from becoming parents through surrogacy are unlawful.

The court has given the government six months to lift the said restrictions.The court also said that the restrictions imposed on single parents and same-sex couples is arbitrary as it disproportionately excludes these categories and deny them equality and right to parenthood.
The court has also directed the government to strike down the definitions of “intended parents” , “intended parents who are spouses” and single intended mother” from the surrogacy law.

Currently only heterosexual couples and single women who have genetic connection to the baby are allowed to avail surrogacy services in Israel. The High Court of Justice in a unanimous judgement had ruled in February 2020 that the law preventing single men and same-sex couples from using a surrogate for becoming parents are unlawful and should be done away with.

The court had given Knesset, Israel’s Parliament a time limit of one year to pass this law. The deadline was 1 March, 2021 however the legislative body is yet to pass such a law.

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