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[Virtual Hearings] May have to ban lawyers appearing through mobile phones: CJI NV Ramana

[Virtual Hearings] May have to ban lawyers appearing through mobile phones: CJI NV Ramana

Written By – Dakshita Dubey

Recently in a virtual hearing set up the Supreme Court bench, comprising of CJI NV Ramanna, expressed their frustration on lawyers attending Court Proceedings through their mobile phones, which makes them prone to network glitches and wastes time of the court.

The bench expressed how 10 matters had to be adjourned for the day because the judges could not hear or see the advocates appearing through their phone.

Justice Hima Kohli who was also on the bench said this way the Judges do not have any energy left for hearing the cases.

During one such instance, the Bench said,

“Lawyers are appearing from their mobile phones and are not visible. We may have to ban this mobile business…Mr counsel, you are now practicing in the Supreme Court and appear regularly. Can’t you afford to have a desktop to argue?”

In another case, CJI Ramana asked Senior Advocate Sanjay Hegde if he is arguing using a mobile phone.

When Hegde replied that he had three screens on, the Court said,

“Mr Hegde, please look at this. We have no energy to hear cases like this. Please devise a system by which we can hear you. 10 matters are over like this and we are shouting.”

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