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Stigma To Civilized Society, Robbed Innocent Girl’s Respect: Madras HC.

Stigma To Civilized Society, Robbed Innocent Girl’s Respect: Madras HC.

By- Aishwarya

A bench of Justice Anil Verma in the case “Mangilal Vs. the State of MP” dismissed the bail plea of a man accused of raping a woman on the pretext of curing her illness through exorcism.

Facts of the case:

As per the prosecution’s story, a young married lady of 20 years was feeling unwell before the date of the incident and therefore, her maternal uncle- took her to the applicant Mangilal, an exorcist for the purpose of exorcism. At the midnight, the applicant/accused took them to the cremation ground and stopped her husband and uncle near the drain (that place was far from the place of the incident).

Then the applicant took off the clothes of the prosecutrix and committed rape upon her and threatened the victim that if she will disclose the incident, he will kill her along with her family members.

After 9 months she narrated the incident to her mother and cousin. On May 20, 2021, they approached the police and launched an FIR against the applicant, on the basis of which, a crime under Section 376 and 506 of IPC had been registered against the applicant.

Court’s Order:

The Court noted that the victim was brought before the exorcist by her husband and other relatives for the purpose of treatment of her illness and a man (present applicant) who was in the business of cheating to the victims of misfortune and exploiting women under the pretext of carrying out rituals of exorcism, committed rape upon the prosecutrix on the pretext of performing rituals.

Further, the Court said that her 164 CrPC had been recorded in which she stated that often she felt unwell, then her husband and maternal uncle-in-law took her before the applicant, who committed rape with her in absence of anyone.

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