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‘Relationship Protected And Permitted By The Constitution’: Madras HC.

‘Relationship Protected And Permitted By The Constitution’: Madras HC.

By- Aishwarya Patel.

Madras High Court Reunites Transman and Woman Forcibly Separated By Woman’s Father
The Madurai bench of the Madras High Court comprising Justice V. Bharathidasan and Justice J. Nisha Banu opined that the relationship shared by the petitioner (a transman lover) with his lover (Revathi) was ‘both protected and permitted under the Constitution and accordingly observed.

The facts of the case state that the petitioner was born as ‘Lavanya’ but he subsequently identified himself as a transman. After undergoing hormone therapy pursuant to the doctor’s consultation, the petitioner changed his name to ‘Kavin Tamizh’. In the year 2018, the petitioner met his lover Revathi, for the first time and both of them entered into a relationship. On April 27, 2021, the detenue Revathi had left her parental residence after intimating the Kadaladi Police Station that she wished to lead a life on her own terms.

Subsequently, the lovers left for Chennai together from Madurai. They also ended up finding an accommodation for his lover Revathi in a Ladies Hostel. On May 8, 2021 the parents of Revathi had come along with police authorities and had forcibly separated the couple. As a result, the petitioner moved the instant petition alleging illegal detention of his lover against her will by her father.

In this matter, the Bench personally interacted with the Revathi, who informed the Court that she had left her parental home on her own volition and had willingly accompanied her lover. Revathi also stated that she knowing fully well that the petitioner is a “Trans man”, and she wanted to live with him instead of her father.

Accordingly, the Court proceeded to direct the woman to be left free to live with the petitioner as they are both adults and had expressly intimated their desire to live together.
Case Title: M.Kavin Thamizh v. The Inspector of Police.

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