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“People who make false allegations of rape cannot be permitted to go scot-free”.

“People who make false allegations of rape cannot be permitted to go scot-free”.

By- Vanshika Sharma.

Observing the alarming rise in false rape and molestation cases, Delhi High Court has disapproved the filing of such false claims and allegations. The Court made the above decision after considering handling these pointless cases with an iron hand.

Comprehending the impacts of rape on the victim’s mental well-being, Justice Subramanian Prasad stated, “tragic to note that practising advocates belonging to the legal fraternity are trivialising the offence of rape”.

Observing the need to discourage such litigation, the Court declared, “…people who make such false allegations of rape cannot be permitted to go scot-free. This Court is pained to note that there is an alarming increase of false cases of rape and offences under Section 354, 354A, 354B, 354C & 354D only to arm-twist the accused and make them succumb to the demands of the complainant.”

The Court made the above observations in consideration of the order regarding the dismissal of the petition. The petition aimed to revoke the FIR registered under Section 376 IPC by Aman Vihar Police Station. In one of the cases, a lawyer is a complainant against another lawyer, and in the second case wife of the accused lawyer is the complainant.

The Court dissolved the plea and stated, “The courts, therefore, shoulder a great responsibility while trying an accused on charges of rape. It is a matter of grave concern that people are treating these allegations in a very casual manner.”

Court further clarified that its comments are not based upon whether the present was false case or not.

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