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Man’s plea of mental illness rejected & gets conviction in homicide of his daughter

Man’s plea of mental illness rejected & gets conviction in homicide of his daughter

Written By – Vihan

Recently, In the case of State v. Krishan Jambad, A Delhi court on Monday dismissed a man’s claim of mental illness and found him guilty of murdering his daughter and attempting to murder his wife. The fact that the man called the cops after committing the crime, according to additional sessions Judge Shivaji Anand, suggested that he was aware that he had done something unlawful. Even if it is believed for argument’s sake that the accused required medical treatment, the judge stated that the situation would not fall under the category of “legal insanity.”

The defendant had also hidden the knife used in the crime, which occurred in April 2016, indicating that he was aware that he needed to keep the murder weapon out of the reach of the police, according to the Court. The victim said that her husband was suspicious of her and had requested her to transform into goddess Kali the night of the incident, threatening to kill their daughter if she did not comply.

Following that, the father stabbed his wife and daughter with a knife, and the girl died as a result of the cuts to her neck. The accused had also placed a phone call to the police, who arrived at the crime scene and broke open the house’s door, according to the ruling. The amicus curiae Yahvir Singh who argued for the accused’s “insanity” plea noted that the individual had no intention of killing. What happened on the day of the incident was attributed to the man’s mental illness; the crime was described as a case of “sudden provocation.”

The Court, on the other hand, found that the man’s actions were not triggered by a sudden provocation because the crime occurred while the victims were sleeping. The man was therefore held guilty under Sections 302 and 307 of the IPC.

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