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Delhi HC seeks response from directors of Nyay: The Justice’ after watching the film

Delhi HC seeks response from directors of Nyay: The Justice’ after watching the film

@sociolegalcorp The Delhi High Court today heard an appeal regarding launch of the movie ‘Nyay: The Justice’ based on actor Sushant Singh Rajput after it was discovered that the movie has already been launched on a platform called ‘Lapalap Orignal’, earlier this month.

The bench of Justices Anup Jairam Bhambhani and Jasmeet Singh wanted response from the respondents together with the director and producer after watching the film on  – ‘Lapalap’ where it has been released. They heard an appeal filed by SSR’s father, Krishna Kishore Singh against an order of a High Court Judge who had rejected the plea to restrain the release of movie.

On this, the Court did not pass any interim order of stay but issued notice on the appeal.

Mr. Singh had moved to  the Court alleging violation of privacy since the movie is based on the life and death of the late actor. To this, the single-judge stated that the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput was already within the public domain.

Advocate Harish Salve, representing Krishna Kishore Singh, argued that Lapalap was an obscure website and that releasing the movie here meant that the damage was substantially limited but cautioned that the same must not be allowed to escalate basing his arguments on the Civil and Intellectual Property Rights of a person. He also brought up that, the celebrity’s rights would be violated because of this commercial exploitation.

Justice Bhambhani  introduced that the contents of the movie doesn’t seem defamatory. Later on if it involves that, the Court could make it a query of damages and award money.

The Court similarly held that no interim order would be given. However, a notice may be despatched to the movie’s director, producer and distributors. The plea for stay on the release of the movie was rejected.

This matter will be further discussed on July 14, 2021.

By Team SLC, Khushi Kundu( Amity Law School, Kolkata)

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