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BJP MPs To Push Population Control Bills In Parliament This Session.

BJP MPs To Push Population Control Bills In Parliament This Session.

By-Arshita Anand

Several BJP members are trying to push the bill for national population control law in the monsoon session of the Parliament that would be starting from next week.

According to sources, bills following similar measures in Uttar Pradesh and Assam might be taken up in this session.

Rakesh Sinha and Anil Aggarwal are the BJP MPs who have put in notice to table Bills related to population control, one of which can be taken up in Rajya Sabha on August 6.
The bill proposes that people who have more than two children should not be granted any special concessions or benefits. They should also not be allowed from using official perks.

The bill also proposes to restrict the contesting of local body elections by people, applying for government jobs and receiving any kind of government subsidy by people having more than two children.

This move is garnering more and more traction as the opposition tries to bash it saying it’s a political agenda and murder of democracy.
However, since the BJP does not have a majority in Rajya Sabha, they need to gain support from other parties to pass this bill.

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