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Bar Council of India’s Law University to be inaugurated in Goa today

Bar Council of India’s Law University to be inaugurated in Goa today

As an intiative by BCI, Supreme court judges and CM of Goa will be inaugurating India International University of Legal Education and Research (IIULER) in Goa today. 

The education curriculum includes research courses, undergraduation and post graduation with certain essential plans such as;

  • Foreign Language Lab 
  • Indian value orientation
  • Comparative law methodology
  • Personalised mentorship
  • Simulated training
  • 3D study of law
  • Equal emphasis on skilling 
  • Personality development programmes
  • International placement
  • Various courses regarding law

It is not only about studying law but also students should gain important skills and leadership qualities as hand in hand – BCI chairman and Senior Advocate Manan Kumar Mishra added. 

The University will be providing excellent teaching staff which includes judges, Senior advocates, teachers from top International Universities, jurists and leading teachers from India. 

The vision and mission of University may be as follows; 

  • Unique teaching methodology
  • Experience of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) 
  • Dual degree programmes 
  • Providing efficient skills
  • Building efficient judges for all the courts
  • Save ample time for graduating
  • The courses doesn’t restrict only to civil, criminal or constitutional laws but also extends to new upcoming laws such as cyber laws, medical jurisprudence, space laws, forensic science, deep sea laws etc. 
  • Regulating excellent teaching and research
  • Foreign exchange programme of teachers and students
  • Practical experience through courts of developed countries
  • Practical experience in courts such as Supreme Court, High Court and District Courts as well. 

The Bar Council members and High Court Bar Associations of India will be present during inaugural. 

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