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All Male Government Employees To Sign a Declaration Not To Receive Dowry Upon Marriage.

All Male Government Employees To Sign a Declaration Not To Receive Dowry Upon Marriage.

A very bold decision has recently been taken by the Kerala State Government where it has issued a circular directing all the male employees to sign an undertaking form that they will neither receive nor promote dowry after marriage.

The Circular dated 16th July 2021 was released by the Women and Child Department of the state which deals which is responsible for administrating and coordinating the process of dowry prohibition in the state.

The circular mentions various decisions that the government has decided for addressing the concern of dowry deaths in the state.

As per the circular all the male government employees have to furnish a declaration mentioning that the employee hasn’t received dowry after marriage. The declaration should be signed by the wife, father and father-in-law of the concerned employee.

The declaration has to submitted by the employees to the head of the department. The Head of the department is also required to obtain this undertaking from his employees within one month of marriage.

The Head of the departments are also required to acknowledge the receipt of the circular and prepare and submit a report every six months before 10th of April and October to the dowry prohibition officers.

The dowry prohibition officers have been given the task of preparing a report of all the departments which have failed to submit such declarations before 15th of April and October.

The circular also stipulates that 26th November every year should be celebrated as dowry prohibition day in the state. The students in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions shall administer a pledge not to give or receive dowry in the general assembly on this day.

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