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Written by – Debabala Reality shows have been the new age in the world of television. The fictional shows were being telecasted long back when television was being opted in the society. However the idea where the show was not written and is not fictional gained more popularity. The concept of unpredicted direct shows without any script was termed as […]

Right to Bail and Reform

Written By – Rihan Shareef Bail is the release of an arrested person on certain conditions such as surety. The necessity of bail should be understood primarily on two grounds. One, that no person should be treated as a criminal unless convicted as a criminal in a court of law. Second, the larger constitutional safeguards of Article 21 which guarantees […]


Written By – Trisha Social Movements are one of the major types of collective behaviour that is undertaken with the aim of bringing about social changes and ensuring that the demands of the group are fulfilled. Social Movements for various purposes have been historically prominent in India, gaining momentum over the years. One such long-running and successful social movement that […]

Obscenity: A reasonable Restriction to Article 19

Written by – Trisha Right To Freedom which is providedunder Article 19[1] is an indispensable fundamental Right guaranteed by the Constitution of India.. The “freedom of speech and expression” gives a citizen the right to publish and propagate their ideas, disseminate their views and circulate them either in the form of spoken words or through writing[2]. Additionally, Article 19 (1) […]


Written By – Vaishnavi K Prohibition to sell alcohol refers to the practice of forbidding the sale of alcohol by law more specifically, the term prohibition refers to banning of the manufacture, storage (whether in barrels or in bottles), transportation, sale, possession, and consumption of all alcoholic beverages. The word is also used to refer to a period of time during which such bans are enforced and […]


Written by – Anshal Dhiman Ragging in the modern sense has a very negative meaning, but initially ragging simply meant interaction between juniors and seniors in colleges or other such educational institutions. The term, which originated in the west, has gone through a drastic change in practice. Ragging can be informally described as any act by which a person makes […]


Written by – Anshal Dhiman It was in 1986; more than three and half decades ago when the Supreme Court of India recognized the rights of pavement/slum dwellers in Olga Tellis & Ors v Bombay Municipal Council [1985] 2 Supp SCR 51, Housing, Rights. Since then many people have promised reforms, legal protection to the slums, but the truth remains […]

PUCL v UOI, 2001 – Right to Food Case

Written By – Dakshita In 2001, 47 tribal people and Dalits starved to death in the south-eastern Rajasthan, after practicing “rotation hunger”, ie, members of the family eat on alternative days, as the state suffered from its third consecutive year of extreme drought. The tragedy occurred despite India’s warehouses were flooding with an excess of around 40 million tones of […]

Cyber Protection in Dot Com Age

Written by – Dakshita For a few decades now, as society’s awareness about the internet has grown, it has transformed from a tool of luxury to one of absolute necessity. Even the ways in which internet can be used, have multiplied profusely. Internet connectivity has become an integral part of our daily lives perhaps, even more so during the corona […]